Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed a9828c0

Fairly hacky but functional Python3 support via 2to3

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 #!/usr/bin/env python
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
 import os
+import sys
 def read(*rnames):
     return open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), *rnames)).read()
+extra = {}
+if sys.version_info >= (3,):
+    extra['use_2to3'] = True
+    import distutils.util
+    import setuptools
+    from lib2to3.refactor import get_fixers_from_package
+    fixer_names = []
+    for p in setuptools.lib2to3_fixer_packages:
+        fixer_names.extend(get_fixers_from_package(p))
+    # Modify
+    fixer_names.remove('lib2to3.fixes.fix_next')
+    # Monkey patch:
+    distutils.util.Mixin2to3.fixer_names = fixer_names
     name = "playerdo",
         "Development Status :: 4 - Beta",
         "Intended Audience :: End Users/Desktop",
         "Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux",
-        ]
+        ],
+    **extra
+# dbus isn't on PyPI, can't just put it in requirements
+    import dbus
+except ImportError:
+    sys.stderr.write("WARNING: Python 'dbus' library is not installed. Some backends will not work.\n")
+    if sys.version_info >= (3,):
+        sys.stderr.write("At the time of writing, a Python 3 dbus library is only available if you build the py3k branch available at \n")
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