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Simplified various implementations by using only instances of Player subclasses, not the Player subclass itself

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 Currently supported players are:
-    for P in players:
-        n = getattr(P, 'friendly_name', None)
+    for p in players:
+        n = getattr(p, 'friendly_name', None)
         if n is not None:
             help += " " + n + "\n"


     return [n for i, n in l]
-class classproperty(property):
-    def __get__(self, cls, owner):
-        return self.fget.__get__(None, owner)()
 class MprisPlayer(Player):
     _friendly_name = "Any MPRIS player"
     player_object_name = "/Player"
-    @classproperty
-    @classmethod
-    def friendly_name(cls):
-        retval = cls._friendly_name
+    @property
+    def friendly_name(self):
+        retval = self._friendly_name
-            l = get_sorted_candidate_buses(cls.player_object_name)
+            l = get_sorted_candidate_buses(self.player_object_name)
             names = []
             for n in l:
     # Get running players
     running_ps = []
-    for P in players:
-        p = P()
+    for p in players:
             running = p.is_running()
             if running:
     Checks that all backends have required dependencies, printing any failures
-    for P in players:
-        p = P()
+    for p in players:
         failures = p.check_dependencies()
         if len(failures) > 0:
             sys.stdout.write("Player '%s' has missing dependencies:\n" % p.friendly_name)
 def find_players():
-    return [v for v in globals().values()
+    return [v() for v in globals().values()
             if type(v) is type and issubclass(v, Player)]
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