pyquery / pyquery / tests.txt

Assume spaces normalization::

    >>> pq('<ul> <li>  </li> </ul>').text()

    >>> print pq('<ul> <li> toto </li> <li> tata </li> </ul>').text()
    toto tata

Complex wrapping::

    >>> d = pq('<div id="bouh"><span>youhou</span></div>')
    >>> s = d('span')
    >>> s is d
    >>> s.wrap('<div><div id="wrapper"></div></div>')

We get the original doc with new node::

    >>> print d
    <div id="bouh"><div><div id="wrapper"><span>youhou</span></div></div></div>

Complex wrapAll::

    >>> doc = pq('<div><span>Hey</span><span>you !</span></div>')
    >>> s = doc('span')
    >>> s.wrapAll('<div id="wrapper"></div>')

    >>> print doc
    <div><div id="wrapper"><span>Hey</span><span>you !</span></div></div>
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