Seating planner =============== This app attempts to solve the problem of seating a group of guests at a wedding (or other occasion) so that everyone knows people on their table. The approach taken involves: * Using a connection matrix that defines the strength of connections between all the guests, and using that to score a given arrangement. Credit for this goes to Meghan L. Bellows and J. D. Luc Peterson2 * Using simmulated annealing to attempt to find a good solution. The code for this comes from seating_planner/ contains the main entry point for the algorithm seating_planner/ contains a Flask web app as a UI, including a relatively nice interface for entering the connection matrix. Installation and running ------------------------ Preferably in a virtualenv: * Add the current directory to the Python path * $ pip install -r requirements.txt * ./seating_planner/ Access on localhost:5000 It can be run under PyPy for significant speedups (about 5-10x) It can de deployed using any WSGI container e.g. gunicorn: $ gunicorn -b -D -w 4 seating_planner.web_app:app License ------- seating_planner/ has its own copyright licence. Other code is put into the public domain.