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     return connections.join("");
-function updateMatrixFromRaw () {
-    var raw = $("#connections-raw").val();
+function updateMatrixFromRaw (raw) {
     var rows = raw.trim().split(/\n/);
     var m = [];
     for (i in rows) {
             alert("There is no data entered yet");
-        $("#connections-raw").val(getRawConnectionsData());
+        $("#file-data-raw").val(getRawConnectionsData());
         $('#download-container').append('<iframe height="1", width="1" frameborder="0" src="' + $SCRIPT_ROOT + '/download-form/"></iframe>');
         xhr.onreadystatechange = function(e) {
             if (this.readyState == 4) {
                 console.log(['xhr upload complete', e]);
-                $("#connections-raw").val(xhr.response);
-                updateMatrixFromRaw();
+                updateMatrixFromRaw(xhr.response);
         };'post', $SCRIPT_ROOT + "/upload-connections/", true);


     $SCRIPT_ROOT = {{ request.script_root|tojson|safe }};
-    <form method="POST" action="{{ url_for('download_connections') }}">
+    <form method="POST" action="{{ url_for('download_file') }}">
       <textarea name="data"></textarea>
   <script type="text/javascript">
-    var data = $(window.parent.document).find("#connections-raw").val();
+    var data = $(window.parent.document).find("#file-data-raw").val();


     <div style="display: none;">
-      <textarea id="connections-raw" rows="20" cols="50"></textarea>
+      <textarea id="file-data-raw" rows="20" cols="50"></textarea>
     return render_template('download_iframe.html')
-@app.route('/download-connections/', methods=['POST'])
-def download_connections():
+@app.route('/download-file/', methods=['POST'])
+def download_file():
     response = Response(mimetype="text/plain",
                         headers=[("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=connections.txt"),
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