Luke Plant committed 7389c7e

Made the disallowed elements in the cleaning routine into a configurable setting

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 from semanticeditor.common import html_extract, parse, get_classes_for_node
 from semanticeditor.definitions import BLOCKDEF_SELECTOR, COMMANDS
 from semanticeditor.utils.etree import get_parent, get_index, eliminate_tag, empty_text
+from django.conf import settings
+disallowed_elements = getattr(settings, "SEMANTICEDITOR_DISALLOWED_ELEMENTS", ['span', 'li p:only-child', 'table', 'tbody', 'thead', 'tr', 'td'])
 def clean_tree(root):
         i = get_index(p, n)
         eliminate_tag(p, i)
-    for x in ['table', 'tbody', 'thead', 'tr', 'td', 'span', 'li p:only-child']:
+    for x in disallowed_elements: 
         for n in doc(x):
     # "li p:only-child" appears to be buggy.  It works like
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