Rework layout system to be more flexible

Issue #14 resolved
Luke Plant
repo owner created an issue

This involves:

  • adding "New row" and "New column" buttons, instead of having these as presentation choices

  • "New row" and "New column" now appear in the document structure. They can also have styles applied to them directly, to allow the entire section to be easily styled.

  • Ability to have "double width" columns. The HTML/CSS should treat the column as 2 columns, so that the parent div will have something like "columns3" if it contains a normal and a double width column, for example. This should probably be handled by extending the CssClass model with a 'column_equiv' integer attribute.

  • Reworking the inner mechanism for columns layout. It will start by finding all the columns and rows, creating a column structure, then putting the content into this structure. The corresponding methods that deconstruct a column layout must also be updated

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  1. Luke Plant reporter

    Double/triple/etc width columns now possible. You need to use the admin to create a CssClass with

    • CSS class name: doublewidth (or whatever you choose)
    • Human name: Double width column (or whatever you choose)
    • Allowed HTML elements: column
    • Column count equivalent: 2

    Preview doesn't work perfectly, but that's just a CSS issue which I can't easily solve (because the preview CSS doesn't know what's in your database).

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