Adding new containers in WYMEditor

Issue #18 resolved
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In WYM, if a new container is created after a container in the middle of a column, usually it will add a new column too (sometimes it seems to add a new row/new column combination).

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  1. Luke Plant repo owner

    Could you give me a more detailed example, including exactly what HTML there is (preferably pasted from the view source, or just described), what steps you take (especially when you press 'Save' and 'Preview'). I can't reproduce yet.

  2. evildmp reporter

    I've tested a little more.

    If you visit and hit return at the end of one of the heading containers to add a new container:

    • if the new container is made an h1, it will insert a new column into the outline
    • if the new container is made a p, it won't

    It appears to occur only if the new container is of higher or equal level to the existing one.

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