Error in javascript with new django-cms 2.3 release, django1.4, jQuery namespacing issues

Issue #42 resolved
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I'm re-posting the issue from evildmp's fork because I'm having the same problem:

When loading the semantic editor in the django-cms front-end editor, there is a javascript error in the editor_widget template, on this line:

var qs = jQuery.query.load(;

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'load' of undefined
Examining this, at this point in execution jQuery is defined, but jQuery.load is undefined. Some other code loaded by django-cms is obliterating jQuery.

This is probably coming from line 8 of cms/js/plugins/cms.setup.js:

var jQuery = (django) ? django.jQuery : window.jQuery || undefined;
Fixing this error using closures leads to exactly the same thing in static/semanticeditor/javascript/wymeditor/plugins/semantic/wymeditor.semantic.js,

which can be fixed in the same way.

I can upload a diff, but it is fixed very well just by wrapping the $(document).ready call in editor_widget with:


And wrapping all the code in wymeditor.semantic.js with the same thing.

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