David Gouldin  committed 80f47f7

Separating out migrations applied to the current app from all migrations
applied in order to avoid coopting "applied" in migrate_app for relative
target names (current[+|-]1) from its originally intended use in
dependency checking.

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File south/migration/

     # Check there's no strange ones in the database
-    applied = MigrationHistory.objects.filter(app_name=app_label, applied__isnull=False).order_by('applied')
+    applied_all = MigrationHistory.objects.filter(applied__isnull=False).order_by('applied')
+    applied = applied_all.filter(app_name=app_label)
     # If we're using a different database, use that
     if database != DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS:
+        applied_all = applied_all.using(database)
         applied = applied.using(database)
         south.db.db = south.db.dbs[database]
         # We now have to make sure the migrations are all reloaded, as they'll
         except StopIteration:
             target_name = None
-    applied = check_migration_histories(applied, delete_ghosts, ignore_ghosts)
+    applied_all = check_migration_histories(applied_all, delete_ghosts, ignore_ghosts)
     # Guess the target_name
     target = migrations.guess_migration(target_name)
         print "Running migrations for %s:" % app_label
     # Get the forwards and reverse dependencies for this target
-    direction, problems, workplan = get_direction(target, applied, migrations,
+    direction, problems, workplan = get_direction(target, applied_all, migrations,
                                                   verbosity, interactive)
     if problems and not (merge or skip):
         raise exceptions.InconsistentMigrationHistory(problems)