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+Database API
+South ships with a full database-agnostic API for performing schema changes
+on databases, much like Django's ORM provides data manipulation support.
+Currently, South supports:
+ - PostgreSQL
+ - MySQL
+ - SQLite
+ - Microsoft SQL Server (beta support)
+ - Oracle (alpha support)
+These are how you perform changes on the database. See "Accessing The API" below
+to see where these run.
+Accessing The API
+South automatically exposes the correct set of database API operations as
+``south.db.db``; it detects which database backend you're using from your
+Django settings file.
+If you're using multiple database support (Django 1.2 and higher),
+there's a corresponding ``south.db.dbs`` dictionary
+which contains a DatabaseOperations object (the object which has the methods
+defined above) for each database alias in your configuration file.

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+South documentation
-Welcome to South's documentation!
+South is a tool to provide consistent, easy-to-use and database-agnostic
+migrations for Django applications.
+This is the documentation for the current version (0.7); previous versions'
+documentation was written directly into our wiki, but is a subset of what is
+written here. Any new features are marked as such.
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    :maxdepth: 2
+   databaseapi
-Indices and tables
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