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  - Run ``./ convert_to_south myapp`` - South will automatically make and
    pretend to apply your first migration.
+Note that you'll need to convert before you make any changes; South detects
+changes by comparing against the frozen state of the last migration, so it
+cannot detect changes from before you converted to using South.
 Converting other installations and servers
 The convert_to_south command only works entirely on the first machine you run it
-on. Once you've committed the initial migrations it made into the database,
+on. Once you've committed the initial migrations it made into your VCS,
 you'll have to run ``./ migrate myapp 0001 --fake`` on every machine that
 has a copy of the codebase (make sure they were up-to-date with models and
 schema first).
+(For the interested, this is required because the initial migration that
+convert_to_south makes will try and create all the existing tables; instead, you
+tell South that it's already applied using --fake, so the next migrations
+apply correctly.)
 Remember that new installations of the codebase after this don't need these
 steps; you need only do a syncdb then a normal migrate.
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