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Fix #157 - verbose_name picked up as a change - and remove missed print statement.

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 ### Output sanitisers
-USELESS_KEYWORDS = ["choices", "help_text", "upload_to"]
+USELESS_KEYWORDS = ["choices", "help_text", "upload_to", "verbose_name"]
 USELESS_DB_KEYWORDS = ["related_name"] # Important for ORM, not for DB.
 def remove_useless_attributes(field, db=False):
     if "orm" in new[1][0] and "orm" not in old[1][0]:
         # Do special comparison to fix #153
-            print old[1][0], new[1][0].split("'")[1].split(".")[1]
             return old[1][0] != new[1][0].split("'")[1].split(".")[1]
         except IndexError:
             pass # Fall back to next comparison