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 * The ``repoze.bfg`` Web Application Framework: 
-* A Theoretical Physics Reference book:
-  http://ondrejcertik.blogspot.com/2010/07/theoretical-physics-reference-book.html
+* A Theoretical Physics Reference book: http://theoretical-physics.net/

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    <https://github.com/blog/572-bypassing-jekyll-on-github-pages>`_ to support
    Sphinx HTML output properly.
+   See http://bitbucket.org/kevindunn/sphinx-wiki, a project by Kevin Dunn.
 Google Analytics
    You can use a custom ``layout.html`` template, like this:

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    Undefined tags are false, defined tags (via the ``-t`` command-line option or
    within :file:`conf.py`) are true.  Boolean expressions, also using
-   parentheses (like ``html and (latex or draft)`` are supported.
+   parentheses (like ``html and (latex or draft)``) are supported.
    The format of the current builder (``html``, ``latex`` or ``text``) is always
    set as a tag.