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File doc/config.rst

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 These options influence HTML as well as HTML Help output, and other builders
 that use Sphinx' HTMLWriter class.
-.. XXX document html_context
 .. confval:: html_theme
    The "theme" that the HTML output should use.  See the :doc:`section about
    .. versionadded:: 0.4
+.. confval:: html_context
+   A dictionary of values to pass into the template engine's context for all
+   pages.  Single values can also be put in this dictionary using the
+   :option:`-A` command-line option of ``sphinx-build``.
+   .. versionadded:: 0.5
 .. confval:: html_logo
    If given, this must be the name of an image file that is the logo of the

File doc/ext/autodoc.rst

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      .. versionadded:: 1.1
    * For classes and exceptions, members inherited from base classes will be
-     left out, unless you give the ``inherited-members`` flag option, in
-     addition to ``members``::
+     left out when documenting all members, unless you give the
+     ``inherited-members`` flag option, in addition to ``members``::
         .. autoclass:: Noodle

File sphinx/directives/__init__.py

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 # RE to strip backslash escapes
 nl_escape_re = re.compile(r'\\\n')
-strip_backslash_re = re.compile(r'\\(?=[^\\])')
+strip_backslash_re = re.compile(r'\\(.)')
 class ObjectDescription(Directive):
         lines = nl_escape_re.sub('', self.arguments[0]).split('\n')
         # remove backslashes to support (dummy) escapes; helps Vim highlighting
-        return [strip_backslash_re.sub('', line.strip()) for line in lines]
+        return [strip_backslash_re.sub(r'\1', line.strip()) for line in lines]
     def handle_signature(self, sig, signode):

File tests/root/markup.txt

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 .. tabularcolumns:: |L|p{5cm}|R|
+.. _my-table:
-.. _my-table:
 .. table:: my table