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    extends !template
-These are the blocks that are predefined in Sphinx' ``layout.html`` template:
-   The doctype, by default HTML 4 Transitional.
-   HTML ``<link rel=`` links in the head, by default filled with various links.
-   Block in the ``<head>`` tag, by default empty.
-   Block before the "related bar" (the navigation links at the page top), by
-   default empty.  Use this to insert a page header.
-   The "related bar" by default.  Overwrite this block to customize the entire
-   navigation bar.
-   The most parent relbar link, by default pointing to the "index" document with
-   a caption of e.g. "Project v0.1 documentation".
-   Block in the ``<ul>`` used for relbar items, by default empty.  Use this to
-   add more items.
-   Block between relbar and document body, by default empty.
-   Block in the document body.  This should be overwritten by every child
-   template, e.g. :file:`page.html` puts the page content there.
-   Block between body and sidebar, by default empty.
-   Contains the whole sidebar.
-   Block between 
+XXX continue this