Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed db5b812

Fix the test suite.

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             return name
-@with_app(buildername='html', warning=html_warnfile)
+@with_app(buildername='html', warning=html_warnfile, cleanenv=True)
 def test_html(app):
     html_warnings = html_warnfile.getvalue().replace(os.sep, '/')
                                'path %s in %s' % (text, path, fname))
-@with_app(buildername='latex', warning=latex_warnfile)
+@with_app(buildername='latex', warning=latex_warnfile, cleanenv=True)
 def test_latex(app):
     LaTeXTranslator.ignore_missing_images = True
 # just let the remaining ones run for now
+@with_app(buildername='linkcheck', cleanenv=True)
 def test_linkcheck(app):
+@with_app(buildername='text', cleanenv=True)
 def test_text(app):


 def setup_module():
     global app, settings, parser
     app = TestApp(cleanenv=True)
-    optparser = frontend.OptionParser(components=(rst.Parser, HTMLWriter, LaTeXWriter))
+    optparser = frontend.OptionParser(
+        components=(rst.Parser, HTMLWriter, LaTeXWriter))
     settings = optparser.get_default_values()
     settings.env = app.builder.env
     parser = rst.Parser()
 def verify_re(rst, html_expected, latex_expected):
     document = utils.new_document('test data', settings)
+    document['file'] = 'dummy'
     parser.parse(rst, document)
     for msg in document.traverse(nodes.system_message):
         if msg['level'] == 1:
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