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Georg Brandl  committed f2ad8a9

#544: Allow ``.pyw`` as a source file extension.

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 Release 1.0.4 (Sep 17, 2010)
+* #544: Allow ``.pyw`` as a source file extension.
 * #524: Open intersphinx inventories in binary mode on Windows,
   since version 2 contains zlib-compressed data.

File sphinx/ext/autodoc.py

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             # parse right now, to get PycodeErrors on parsing (results will
             # be cached anyway)
-        except PycodeError, err:
+        except PycodeError:
             # no source file -- e.g. for builtin and C modules
             self.analyzer = None
             # at least add the module.__file__ as a dependency

File sphinx/util/__init__.py

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     lfilename = filename.lower()
     if lfilename.endswith('.pyo') or lfilename.endswith('.pyc'):
         filename = filename[:-1]
-    elif not lfilename.endswith('.py'):
+    elif not (lfilename.endswith('.py') or lfilename.endswith('.pyw')):
         raise PycodeError('source is not a .py file: %r' % filename)
     if not path.isfile(filename):
         raise PycodeError('source file is not present: %r' % filename)