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  2. sphinx


sphinx / tests / test_build_html.py

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Test the HTML builder and check output against XPath.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2010 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

import os
import re
import difflib
import htmlentitydefs
from StringIO import StringIO

    import pygments
except ImportError:
    pygments = None

from sphinx import __version__
from util import *
from etree13 import ElementTree as ET

def teardown_module():
    (test_root / '_build').rmtree(True)

html_warnfile = StringIO()

%(root)s/images.txt:9: WARNING: image file not readable: foo.png
%(root)s/images.txt:23: WARNING: nonlocal image URI found: \
%(root)s/includes.txt:: (WARNING/2) Encoding 'utf-8-sig' used for reading \
included file u'wrongenc.inc' seems to be wrong, try giving an :encoding: option
%(root)s/includes.txt:4: WARNING: download file not readable: nonexisting.png

%(root)s/images.txt:20: WARNING: no matching candidate for image URI u'foo.*'
%(root)s/markup.txt:: WARNING: invalid index entry u''
%(root)s/markup.txt:: WARNING: invalid pair index entry u''
%(root)s/markup.txt:: WARNING: invalid pair index entry u'keyword; '

    'images.html': {
        ".//img[@src='_images/img.png']": '',
        ".//img[@src='_images/img1.png']": '',
        ".//img[@src='_images/simg.png']": '',
        ".//object[@data='_images/svgimg.svg']": '',
        ".//embed[@src='_images/svgimg.svg']": '',
    'subdir/images.html': {
        ".//img[@src='../_images/img1.png']": '',
        ".//img[@src='../_images/rimg.png']": '',
    'subdir/includes.html': {
        ".//a[@href='../_downloads/img.png']": '',
        ".//img[@src='../_images/img.png']": '',
        ".//p": 'This is an include file.',
    'includes.html': {
        ".//pre": u'Max Strauß',
        ".//a[@href='_downloads/img.png']": '',
        ".//a[@href='_downloads/img1.png']": '',
        ".//pre": u'"quotes"',
        ".//pre": u"'included'",
    'autodoc.html': {
        ".//dt[@id='test_autodoc.Class']": '',
        ".//dt[@id='test_autodoc.function']/em": r'\*\*kwds',
        ".//dd/p": r'Return spam\.',
    'extapi.html': {
        ".//strong": 'from function: Foo',
        ".//strong": 'from class: Bar',
    'markup.html': {
        ".//title": 'set by title directive',
        ".//p/em": 'Section author: Georg Brandl',
        ".//p/em": 'Module author: Georg Brandl',
        # created by the meta directive
        ".//meta[@name='author'][@content='Me']": '',
        ".//meta[@name='keywords'][@content='docs, sphinx']": '',
        # a label created by ``.. _label:``
        ".//div[@id='label']": '',
        # code with standard code blocks
        ".//pre": '^some code$',
        # an option list
        ".//span[@class='option']": '--help',
        # admonitions
        ".//p[@class='first admonition-title']": 'My Admonition',
        ".//p[@class='last']": 'Note text.',
        ".//p[@class='last']": 'Warning text.',
        # inline markup
        ".//li/strong": '^command$',
        ".//li/strong": '^program$',
        ".//li/em": '^dfn$',
        ".//li/tt/span[@class='pre']": '^kbd$',
        ".//li/em": u'File \N{TRIANGULAR BULLET} Close',
        ".//li/tt/span[@class='pre']": '^a/$',
        ".//li/tt/em/span[@class='pre']": '^varpart$',
        ".//li/tt/em/span[@class='pre']": '^i$',
            "[@class='pep reference external']/strong": 'PEP 8',
            "[@class='rfc reference external']/strong": 'RFC 1',
            "[@class='reference internal']/tt/span[@class='pre']": 'HOME',
            "[@class='reference internal']/tt/span[@class='pre']": '^with$',
            "[@class='reference internal']/tt/span": '^statement$',
            "[@class='reference internal']/em": 'Including in subdir',
            "[@class='reference internal']/em": 'Python -c option',
        # abbreviations
        ".//abbr[@title='abbreviation']": '^abbr$',
        # version stuff
        ".//span[@class='versionmodified']": 'New in version 0.6',
        # footnote reference
        ".//a[@class='footnote-reference']": r'\[1\]',
        # created by reference lookup
        ".//a[@href='contents.html#ref1']": '',
        # ``seealso`` directive
        ".//div/p[@class='first admonition-title']": 'See also',
        # a ``hlist`` directive
        ".//table[@class='hlist']/tr/td/ul/li": '^This$',
        # a ``centered`` directive
        ".//p[@class='centered']/strong": 'LICENSE',
        # a glossary
        ".//dl/dt[@id='term-boson']": 'boson',
        # a production list
        ".//pre/strong": 'try_stmt',
        ".//pre/a[@href='#grammar-token-try1_stmt']/tt/span": 'try1_stmt',
        # tests for ``only`` directive
        ".//p": 'A global substitution.',
        ".//p": 'In HTML.',
        ".//p": 'In both.',
        ".//p": 'Always present',
    'objects.html': {
        ".//dt[@id='mod.Cls.meth1']": '',
        ".//dt[@id='errmod.Error']": '',
        ".//a[@href='#mod.Cls'][@class='reference internal']": '',
        ".//dl[@class='userdesc']": '',
        ".//dt[@id='userdesc-myobj']": '',
        ".//a[@href='#userdesc-myobj']": '',
        # C references
        ".//span[@class='pre']": 'CFunction()',
        ".//a[@href='#Sphinx_DoSomething']": '',
        ".//a[@href='#SphinxStruct.member']": '',
        ".//a[@href='#SPHINX_USE_PYTHON']": '',
        ".//a[@href='#SphinxType']": '',
        ".//a[@href='#sphinx_global']": '',
        # reference from old C markup extension
        ".//a[@href='#Sphinx_Func']": '',
        # test global TOC created by toctree()
        ".//ul[@class='current']/li[@class='toctree-l1 current']/a[@href='']":
            'Testing object descriptions',
            'Testing various markup',
        # custom sidebar
        ".//h4": 'Custom sidebar',
    'contents.html': {
        ".//meta[@name='hc'][@content='hcval']": '',
        ".//meta[@name='hc_co'][@content='hcval_co']": '',
        ".//meta[@name='testopt'][@content='testoverride']": '',
        ".//td[@class='label']": r'\[Ref1\]',
        ".//td[@class='label']": '',
        ".//li[@class='toctree-l1']/a": 'Testing various markup',
        ".//li[@class='toctree-l2']/a": 'Inline markup',
        ".//title": 'Sphinx <Tests>',
        ".//div[@class='footer']": 'Georg Brandl & Team',
            "[@class='reference external']": '',
        ".//li/a[@href='genindex.html']/em": 'Index',
        ".//li/a[@href='py-modindex.html']/em": 'Module Index',
        ".//li/a[@href='search.html']/em": 'Search Page',
        # custom sidebar only for contents
        ".//h4": 'Contents sidebar',
    'bom.html': {
        ".//title": " File with UTF-8 BOM",
    'extensions.html': {
        ".//a[@href='http://python.org/dev/']": "http://python.org/dev/",
        ".//a[@href='http://bugs.python.org/issue1000']": "issue 1000",
        ".//a[@href='http://bugs.python.org/issue1042']": "explicit caption",
    '_static/statictmpl.html': {
        ".//project": 'Sphinx <Tests>',

if pygments:
        ".//pre/span[@class='s']": u'üöä',
        ".//div[@class='inc-pyobj1 highlight-text']//pre":
            r'^class Foo:\n    pass\n\s*$',
        ".//div[@class='inc-pyobj2 highlight-text']//pre":
            r'^    def baz\(\):\n        pass\n\s*$',
        ".//div[@class='inc-lines highlight-text']//pre":
            r'^class Foo:\n    pass\nclass Bar:\n$',
        ".//div[@class='inc-startend highlight-text']//pre":
            ur'^foo = u"Including Unicode characters: üöä"\n$',
        ".//div[@class='inc-preappend highlight-text']//pre":
            r'(?m)^START CODE$',
        ".//div[@class='inc-pyobj-dedent highlight-python']//span":
        ".//div[@class='inc-tab3 highlight-text']//pre":
            r'-| |-',
        ".//div[@class='inc-tab8 highlight-python']//pre":
            r'-|      |-',
        ".//pre/span": 'line 1',
        ".//pre/span": 'line 2',

class NslessParser(ET.XMLParser):
    """XMLParser that throws away namespaces in tag names."""

    def _fixname(self, key):
            return self._names[key]
        except KeyError:
            name = key
            br = name.find('}')
            if br > 0:
                name = name[br+1:]
            self._names[key] = name = self._fixtext(name)
            return name

def check_xpath(etree, fname, path, check):
    nodes = list(etree.findall(path))
    assert nodes != [], ('did not find any node matching xpath '
                         '%r in file %s' % (path, fname))
    if hasattr(check, '__call__'):
    elif not check:
        # only check for node presence
        rex = re.compile(check)
        for node in nodes:
            if node.text and rex.search(node.text):
            assert False, ('%r not found in any node matching '
                           'path %s in %s: %r' % (check, path, fname,
                           [node.text for node in nodes]))

def check_static_entries(outdir):
    staticdir = outdir / '_static'
    assert staticdir.isdir()
    # a file from a directory entry in html_static_path
    assert (staticdir / 'README').isfile()
    # a directory from a directory entry in html_static_path
    assert (staticdir / 'subdir' / 'foo.css').isfile()
    # a file from a file entry in html_static_path
    assert (staticdir / 'templated.css').isfile()
    assert (staticdir / 'templated.css').text().splitlines()[1] == __version__
    # a file from _static, but matches exclude_patterns
    assert not (staticdir / 'excluded.css').exists()

@gen_with_app(buildername='html', warning=html_warnfile, cleanenv=True,
              confoverrides={'html_context.hckey_co': 'hcval_co'},
def test_html(app):
    html_warnings = html_warnfile.getvalue().replace(os.sep, '/')
    html_warnings_exp = HTML_WARNINGS % {'root': app.srcdir}
    assert html_warnings == html_warnings_exp, 'Warnings don\'t match:\n' + \

    for fname, paths in HTML_XPATH.iteritems():
        parser = NslessParser()
        etree = ET.parse(os.path.join(app.outdir, fname), parser)
        for path, check in paths.iteritems():
            yield check_xpath, etree, fname, path, check