Doug Hellmann avatar Doug Hellmann committed 09cbcc9

patches to rmvirtualenv to make it work with zsh from Byron Clark

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+  - More zsh support (fixes to rmvirtualenv) from Byron Clark.
   - Add completion support for zsh, courtesy of Ted Leung.


 function rmvirtualenv () {
     typeset env_name="$1"
-    if [ "$env_name" == "" ]
+    if [ "$env_name" = "" ]
         echo "Please specify an enviroment."
         return 1
-    if [ "$VIRTUAL_ENV" == "$env_dir" ]
+    if [ "$VIRTUAL_ENV" = "$env_dir" ]
         echo "ERROR: You cannot remove the active environment ('$env_name')."
         echo "Either switch to another environment, or run 'deactivate'."
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