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add namespace package declaration

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         description = 'Enhancements to virtualenv',
         # ... details omitted ...
+        namespace_packages = [ 'virtualenvwrapper' ],
         entry_points = {
             'virtualenvwrapper.initialize': [
             # ... details omitted ...
 The ``entry_points`` argument to ``setup()`` is a dictionary mapping
 the entry point *group names* to lists of entry point specifiers.  A
 different group name is defined by virtualenvwrapper for each
 point is the plugin name, but that is not required (the names are not
+.. seealso::
+  * `namespace packages <>`__
+  * `Extensible Applications and Frameworks <>`__
 The Hook Loader
+              'virtualenvwrapper.user_scripts',
+    namespace_packages = [ 'virtualenvwrapper' ],
     packages = find_packages(),
     include_package_data = True,
     # Scan the input for package information
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