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Doug Hellmann  committed 54aa96a

Ignore files generated by paver and the build process. Use a fixed version string in the pavement.py file.

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 # What project are we building?
 PROJECT = 'virtualenvwrapper'
-# What version is this? (take from path in svn tree)
-VERSION = path(os.getcwd()).name
-os.environ['VERSION'] = VERSION
+VERSION = '1.7'
 # Read the long description to give to setup
-README = path('README').text()
+README = path(README_FILE).text()
 # Scan the input for package information
 # to grab any data files (text, images, etc.) 
     # FIXME - Switch to sphinx?
     outfile = path('README.html')
-    sh('rst2html.py README README.html')
+    sh('rst2html.py %s README.html' % README_FILE)