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bump version to 2.6 and document updates

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 Release History
+  - Fixed a problem with hook script line endings under Cygwin
+    (:bbissue:`68`).
+  - Updated documentation to include a list of the compatible shells
+    (:ref:`supported-shells`) and Python versions
+    (:ref:`supported-versions`) (:bbissue:`70`).
+  - Fixed installation dependency on virtualenv (:bbissue:`60`).
+  - Fixed the method for determining the Python version so it works
+    under Python 2.4 (:bbissue:`61`).
+  - Converted the test infrastructure to use `tox
+    <>`_ instead of home-grown
+    scripts in the Makefile.
   - Point release uploaded to PyPI during outage on


+.. _supported-shells:
 Supported Shells
 work with an incompatible shell, let me know and I will link to it
 from this page.
+.. _supported-versions:
 Python Versions
 #!/usr/bin/env python
 PROJECT = 'virtualenvwrapper'
-VERSION = '2.5.3'
+VERSION = '2.6'
 # Bootstrap installation of Distribute
 import distribute_setup
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