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Doug Hellmann  committed e7acfb3

incorporate patch from Sascha Brossmann to fix #15

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 Release History
+  - Incorporate patch from Sascha Brossmann to fix a issue #15. Directory normalization was causing ``WORKON_HOME`` to appear to be a missing directory if there were control characters in the output of ``pwd``.
   - Remove warning during installation if sphinxcontrib.paverutils is not installed. (#10)

File pavement.py

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 # What project are we building?
 PROJECT = 'virtualenvwrapper'
-VERSION = '1.18'
+VERSION = '1.18.1'
 os.environ['VERSION'] = VERSION
 # Read the long description to give to setup

File virtualenvwrapper_bashrc

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 # Normalize the directory name in case it includes 
 # relative path components.
+WORKON_HOME=$(sh -c 'cd "$WORKON_HOME"; pwd')
 # Verify that the WORKON_HOME directory exists