Spooning by Bitbucket

DVCS technology introduced the world to forking. Now, we here at Bitbucket are proud to present the next step in the process – spooning! Achieve the speed of pair programming with an added level of quiet, knowing intimacy.

  1. Fork

    See something you like, but want to make it better? Break off a piece of that trunk and go to town.

  2. Spoon

    Find a suitable spooning partner. Signal your intention. Begin coding your change together. Be gentle.

  3. Knife

    When you're satisfied with your change, submit a pull request to get it back to the main vein.


Show your spooning pride by wearing one of these official spooning t-shirts. Easily identify yourself to other spooners, making it easy to start a spooning session any time, any place. You can really let the world know by tweeting your favorite shirt – every 10th tweeter up to 100 will receive that shirt, FREE! (Limit one entry per person per shirt.)

  • Here at Intel, we love to spoon. The only hard part is figuring out who's the bit, and who's the bucket.
    – Chad Dodson, Intel
  • Spooning has spread around our office like wildfire. Some of the more advanced spooners have even attempted sporking.
    – Terry Peters, Übercode
  • I sat next to Tom for 10 years, but never really felt like I knew him until we started spooning. Now we're like two peas in a pod.
    – Harold Pebbles, TouchPlay LLC
  • My startup partner and I would spoon in the garage 'til the wee hours of the night, until my wife complained.
    – Alex Merishami, Entrepreneur
  • We always hoped the Bitbucket team would provide fresh ideas to Atlassian. We had no idea they'd spark a coding revolution.
    – Jay Simons, Atlassian
  • Spooning makes pair programming look like child's play.
    – Theresa Perry, BWM Systems


The spooning craze is fastly sweeping the globe. Submit spooning photos of you and your coding partner on Flickr and tag them with "bitbucketspooning" to count yourself among our ranks!