Albumart is a command-line album art downloader tool written in Python. This tool recursively scans the root folder of your music library in order to find audio files, extracts their metadata (ID tags, etc.) and downloads album cover art from some famous cover art sites according to the metadata.

This project is born because I was bored searching, downloading, renaming manually the cover art for my audio albums. And the free tools I used were quite frustrating, either the images were of bad quality or the tools could not download images in batches. So I decided to write one myself.


You should have easy_install (from setuptools, or something equivalent) installed on your system. Just type easy_install albumart on a command prompt to get the albumart art tool installed.


Run albumart --help at the command-line to see the options.

Reporting bugs

Bugs or feature requests could be reported on the Project tracker by creating a Bug or a Feature story.


The Project Tracker could be found on Pivotal. It's a really nice project tracking tool that support my agile workflow. All bugs and features are listed there. If you want to contribute to the project, you can drop me an email and tell me which story you want to implement.