Ralf Schmitt committed 4674cb6

make compatible with py.test

py.test wanted to run the test_get_interrupt and test_put_interrupt
functions, so rename then.

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-def test_get_interrupt(queue_type):
+def make_get_interrupt(queue_type):
     class TestGetInterrupt(GenericGetTestCase):
 for queue_type in [queue.Queue, queue.JoinableQueue, queue.LifoQueue, queue.PriorityQueue, queue.Channel]:
-    klass = test_get_interrupt(queue_type)
+    klass = make_get_interrupt(queue_type)
     globals()[klass.__name__] = klass
 del klass, queue_type
-def test_put_interrupt(queue):
+def make_put_interrupt(queue):
     class TestPutInterrupt(GenericGetTestCase):
 for obj in [queue.Queue(1), queue.JoinableQueue(1), queue.LifoQueue(1), queue.PriorityQueue(1), queue.Channel()]:
-    klass = test_put_interrupt(obj)
+    klass = make_put_interrupt(obj)
     globals()[klass.__name__] = klass
 del klass, obj