Shapefile generated by ShpResponder taking the SRS of the geometry field even when proj_transform atribute is given

Issue #11 resolved
Luiz Fernando Barbosa Vital
created an issue

possible fix on



    # Creating the layer
    layer = ogr.OGR_DS_CreateLayer(ds,os.path.basename(, out_srs and out_srs._ptr or srs._ptr, ogr_type, None)


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  1. Dane Springmeyer repo owner

    Luis, very nice catch, thanks for the report. I can confirm that the shapes are getting transformed but the .prj output is the wrong one, and this was introduced in a0ddfa7c15da when coordinate reprojection was optimized for speed.

  2. Gilles Bassière
    • changed status to open


    Thanks very much for sharing this app, it is very useful.

    I got an error "'NoneType' object has no attribute '_ptr'" which is caused by the fix committed in r27.

    The committed fix shows: out_srs._ptr or srs._ptr whereas the proposed patch was: out_srs and out_srs._ptr or srs._ptr

    without the first condition, the export fails when no proj_transform is defined.

    Regards, Gilles

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