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remove slim command, confusing to explain to new users, and remove --style argument as a correctly installed osm2pgsql on linux will automatically find this file

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 To import data into postgis do::
     cd projects/osm-rendering/osm_extracts/
+    osm2pgsql --merc -d barcelona barcelona.osm
+.. note::
+    The osm2pgsql program should automatically read what is called the '' from `/usr/local/share/osm2pgsql/`, the location it should have been installed to when you compiled and installed osm2pgsql. On windows you will need to pass the directory for where to find this file like `--style /path/to/`. It can be downloaded from
-    osm2pgsql --merc --slim -d barcelona barcelona.osm --style
+    The --merc command means you want to import the data in Spherical Mercator projection, but you can leave this command off since that is the default.
 .. _osm2pgsql-ll:
 Import data in Lat Long (WGS84)
 For custom setups you may wish to import data in Lat Long (WGS84)::
-    osm2pgsql --latlong --slim -d barcelona barcelona.osm --style
+    osm2pgsql --latlong -d barcelona barcelona.osm
 .. note::