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remove mapni-utils deb package and add more postgis troubleshooting for encoding problems

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File configuring.rst

   # Creating the template spatial database.
-  createdb -E UTF8 template_postgis
+  createdb -E UTF8 template_postgis -T template0
   createlang -d template_postgis plpgsql # Adding PLPGSQL language support.
   # Allows non-superusers the ability to create from this template

File installing.rst

     If you have installed Mapnik from packages do::
-        sudo apt-get remove libmapnik* python-mapnik
+        sudo apt-get remove libmapnik* python-mapnik mapnik-utils
     Or if you manually compiled do::

File troubleshooting.rst

 .. _trouble-osm-inc:
+Troubleshooting postgis db creation
+When creating a database with UTF8 encoding (like `-E UTF8`) you may receive an error like::
+    createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible with the encoding of the template database (SQL_ASCII)
+    HINT:  Use the same encoding as in the template database, or use template0 as template.
+To solve pass `-T template0`
 Troubleshooting osm.xml rendering errors