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 The API is the same for every extension point.  Each uses a Python
 function that takes a single argument, a list of strings passed to the
-hook loader on the command line.
+hook loader on the command line.  
     def initialize(args):
         for filename, comment in GLOBAL_HOOKS:
             make_hook(os.path.join('$WORKON_HOME', filename), comment)
-        return
+        return 
 .. _plugins-user-env:
     where examining the ``SHELL`` environment variable to generate
     different syntax for each case is the only way to achieve the
     desired result.
 Registering Entry Points
     # Bootstrap installation of Distribute
     import distribute_setup
     from setuptools import setup
         name = 'virtualenvwrapper',
         version = '2.0',
         description = 'Enhancements to virtualenv',
         # ... details omitted ...
         namespace_packages = [ 'virtualenvwrapper' ],
         entry_points = {
             'virtualenvwrapper.initialize': [
                 'user_scripts = virtualenvwrapper.user_scripts:initialize',
             'virtualenvwrapper.initialize_source': [
                 'user_scripts = virtualenvwrapper.user_scripts:initialize_source',
             # ... details omitted ...
   $ python -m virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader -h
   Usage: virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader [options] <hook> [<arguments>]
   Manage hooks for virtualenvwrapper
     -h, --help            show this help message and exit
     -s, --source          Print the shell commands to be run in the current
     -q, --quiet           Show less information on the console
     -n NAMES, --name=NAMES
                           Only run the hook from the named plugin
 To run the extensions for the initialize hook::
   $ python -m virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader -v initialize
 points.  No setup needs to be done to allow the hook loader to find
 the extensions; documenting the names and adding calls to
 ``virtualenvwrapper_run_hook`` is sufficient to cause them to be
 The hook loader assumes all extension point names start with
 ``virtualenvwrapper.`` and new plugins will want to use their own