uip-tools brings an easy way to upload or download files to your beloved TOS machine with NetUSBee compatible network adapter without a need to MiNT or Sting TCP/IP stacks. It is a self contained binary, including a TCP/IP based on uIP embedded stack with DHCP support.

User Interface

Available REST API

In addition to the HTML based user interface, uiptool allows you to use a simple REST API to do a range of operations. All examples are provided as curl shell invocations.

  • Upload a file:

    curl -0T filename.tos

    Note that you need to specify not only destination folder but also a file name!

  • Download a file:

    curl -0
  • Run an executable:

    curl -0"command line"

    The executable needs to be already present on the recent machine.

  • Delete a file:

    curl -0X DELETE
  • Create a folder

    curl -0
  • Request file info or directory listing in json format

    curl -0
    curl -0