VAWA VIM Plugin for PHP.

When working with .php files, this plugin will highlight all occurrences of the php variable under the cursor. This helps to prevent typos and improves code readability by giving quick visual feedback regarding the usage of a variable.


Right now php variables, and object properties will be highlighted.


If you are using pathogen, you can just clone this repo into the bundles directory or else you can just place vawa.vim in your .vim/plugins folder.

Customize highlighting

You can customize the highlighting applied by this plugin by using the vawahl global variable. You can set this via .vimrc file as shown below.

let g:vawahl="ctermbg=black ctermfg=red guifg=#ff0000 guibg=#000000 gui=bold"

If this global variable is defined, it is directly applied to the highlight style.

If you don't want the variable under cursor to be highlighted, you can disable it by setting variable g:vawanohlcurrent to 1

let g:vawanohlcurrent = 1