Version 1.0
by Tom Schreiber (

//// DESCRIPTION //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This litte console application for windows allows you to disconnect/connect 
your WAN-Device from/to the internet, if the Device supports this command 
over UPnP. For example , this allows you to get a new IP from your provider, 
for example or maybe you can fix some connecting problems. Your device must 
support the control of WAN-Connection over UPnP, otherwise this tool don't work.

In most cases, the router/WAN-device will automatically re-connect when 
the connection is disconnected. So a simple --disconnect should be enough!

//// USAGE ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

WANControl.exe [options] [udn]


--list				list all UPnP-WAN-Devices which can be found with there UDNs
--disconnect		disconnect device from internet (need an UDN)
--connect			connect	device to internet (need an UDN)
--reconnect			reconnect device (disconnect + connect; need an UDN)
--help				show a help screen	
[udn]	specify the unique device name of the device to which the command is send
		Use --list to show all available devices with there UDNs.

//// HISTORY /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

 -supports disconnect/connect of UPnP-WAN-Devices
 -listing of all WAN-Devices which can be found
 -supports direct access via UDN (unique device name)