pyrtm / src / ChangeLog

2011-07-31  Tetsuya Morimoto <tetsuya dot morimoto at gmail dot com>

        * buildout and tests environment
        * some minor bug fixes

2009-12-08  Sridhar Ratnakumar <pyrtm at>

	* Fix for unreliable type of 'taskseries' (#5)
	* Fixed incorrect number of arguments to "lists" (#3)
	* Try to import django.utils.simplejson before falling back
	* Made it a command-line app accepting key/secret/token as args

2009-08-06  Sridhar Ratnakumar <pyrtm at>

	* Write a and release 0.1

2008-05-05  Mariano Draghi <mariano at chaghi dot com dot ar> 

	* Issue a warnging if simplejson is not available.

	* Fixed a corner case where parsing the response with 
	  dottedJSON (i.e., when not using simplejson) would fail to
	  fetch multiple tags. Contributed by Greg Allen.

2008-04-26  Mariano Draghi <mariano at chaghi dot com dot ar> 

	* Fixed invocation of tasks.notes methods, based on code
	  contributed by David Steele.

2008-03-24  Mariano Draghi <mariano at chaghi dot com dot ar> 

	* Use the standard python logging module to handle
	  debugging messages.

2008-03-23  Mariano Draghi <mariano at chaghi dot com dot ar> 

	* Implemented the full RTM API. Integrated simplejson to
	  handle JSON responses, which should fix some encoding problems.
	  Renamed some internal attributes (name, auth) of RTM class,
	  because they where conflicting with some methods and arguments
	  of the API calls wich had the same name. Fixed a minor issue
	  with dottedDict class and non dict instances. Added a simple
	  mechanism to turn debugging on/off dynamically.
	* README / ChangeLog: Added.