Emacs mode for COOL

This is a emacs major mode for the COOL language used in the Coursera
compiler course. This course is a public version of Stanford CS143.
The indentation is highly opinionated.

It is based on an answer from stack overflow

The code is heavily borrowed from the following:

  1. http://gosu-lang.org/downloads/gosu-mode.el
  2. http://go.googlecode.com/hg/misc/emacs/go-mode.el


  1. The indentation expects a coding and commenting convention
    to work properly. Please see test.cl for an example.
  2. Keywords aren't case insensitive
  3. Nested comments doesn't work
  4. Escaped character strings might screw up
  5. Accepts other strings with ' or ` delimiter
  6. Very strange behaviour with "if" and "else" indentation,
    especially when there is "if" or "else" in a comment or
    a string above.
  7. Tested only on emacs 23.3 on Ubuntu 12.04
  8. ... and many more!!!