Personal Web Page for Sriram P C

This is the source code of Sriram P C's web page. It is built using the nanoc with nanoc_blog as the starting point.

Dependencies/Installation to build using nanoc

  1. Install ruby 2.4 with rvm

  2. Install node.js, npm and coffeescript/coffee-script (With Ubuntu, one can do apt-get install)

  3. Install python-pygments: pip install Pygments (apt-get works here too!)

  4. Following gems are required to compile (bundle update should work!)

    activesupport adsf builder coffee-script compass compass-colors compass-susy-plugin cri haml i18n mime-types nanoc nokogiri org-ruby rack rake rdiscount rubypants systemu

  5. Compile command

    bundle exec nanoc compile

  6. To view, run web server as

    bundle exec nanoc view