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virusbattle-sdk / Usability


The current interface of VirusBattle is oriented towards "power users." These are people involved in managing the security of computers and networks of moderate to large organizations. These users may not necessarily know malware analysis, but may, in the course of their job, handle malware for forensics purposes.

It is expected that, when the need arises, these users may analyze a large collection of malware. Or they may wish to integrate malware analysis in their existing security infrastructure.

Keeping the needs of such power users, VirusBattle SDK provides a programmable (scriptable) interface.Though vbSDK is implementation in Python, the server uses a RESTful API and may be easily replicated in any other proggramming language. The vbSDK code may also be used as a package and directly integrated into any automated analysis environment.


VirusBattle's mechanism for tracking progress of your job is under development. At this time, your only way to check the status is to query for information at certain intervals and see if the results are ready.