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virusbattle-sdk / Version History

  • v0.1 - Released ??
  • v0.2 - Released 09/11/2014
    • Added to request key
    • Changed data model of the result of vbclient -a query. The significant changes are:
      1. it now includes the parameters used for driving the unpacker and
      2. the parent-child relation is made richer and more general.
    • Added capability to download juice. It is now available as a child of an executable or an unpacked zip.
    • The unpacker (on server side) is intelligent. It executes a program multiple times, learns from each execution, reconfigures itself to enhance its performance. The parameters used for unpacking are now returned in the query.
    • Changed the json dictionary keys of the toplevel result. Now all keys are in lower case, as are most of the values.
    • Changed standard VIRUSBATTLE_PORT to port 80 (to address in outgoing firewall issues).
  • v0.3 - Released 11/25/2014 (current)

    • Added nearest neighbour search for semantically similar procedures.
    • srlJuice service is now completely integrated into the Virusbattle pipe and has additional features:
      1. srlJuice service now accepts sha1sum as id and does not produce duplicate children.
      2. SDK now provides support to parse json juice files.
    • Added support to parse the SDK query response to generate map files.
    • VirusBattle SDK now provides all binaries in zip format on the fly.
    • srlUnpacker can now accept custom configurations for individual files, or group of archived files, from the SDK.
  • v0.4 - Released 04/20/2015

    • Added SrlStatic Services: SrlCallgraph, SrlAPIFlowGraph, SrlStrings
    • More descriptive output file extensions
    • Introduced --enable_malware_download option
  • 4/16/2015 - Added sample hashes to experiment WITHOUT UPLOADING MALWARE