testHook() error

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With win7@64 Launching main.py with only the testHook() function. Im getting this.

raise pdx("DebugActiveProcess(%d)" % pid, True) Hook.pdx.pdx: [50] DebugActiveProcess(1920): Request is not supported

SO related issue ?

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  1. Reboia Fabien repo owner

    Well, hooking with pymem is kind of a Proof of concept.

    It's not really "implemented" i just used PyDbg and build a sort of wrapper for an easy use with pymem.

    Hooking as never really been tested, and it's only 0xCC hooking, breakpoint. I'm working on a new pymem release, at github ( https://github.com/srounet/Pymem ), haven't time to continue yet, but if you want to discuss on pymem you can contact me on github.

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