Repo updater

When you change your username on github, your local repositories do not update. I created this tool to go through all of your repositories and change your old username to your new username.

Quick usage

The script is just run with one argument: the base directory from which the subdirectories are recursively altered.

Important: the repositories are only affected if the -p/--perform argument is given


The requirements are listed in requirements.txt.


Install the python packages (in a virtualenv preferably):

pip install -r requirements.txt

If you wish to contribute then install py.test:

pip install -r requirements_devel.txt

Finally alter the file and put your old username and new username in the file. Optionally you can customise how the old url is converted to the new url by editing change_username(remote_url). Some tests will fail without doing this.


The tests pass but I've never tried this! I haven't changed my username yet, so good luck! Let me know how it goes and I take no responsibility for any failures.