1. Simon Walker
  2. WaterSpectra


Readme for project by Simon Walker


How do the water absorption lines affect different kinds
of stars. 

Can use Jon's spectra class to synthesise different stellar
types and calculate how much the absorption due to water
will affect them

The user can specify:
    * Spectral type
    * Water column depth
    * Filter type
    * Airmass
    * Extinction enabling

in some combinations and calculate the difference between 
theoretical spectra and observed spectra through the NGTS
passband (or the custom redder filter).

Interestingly according to http://www.eso.org/gen-fac/pubs/astclim/paranal/h2o/,
the water vapour value never reaches below 4mm, so even the 
lowest amount of water in this study is a pessimistic view. 


Jon Girven's jg.spectra python module