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Remove unused method on the HostApplicationComponentManager

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File src/main/ruby/jruby_integration/host_application_container_manager.rb

 # of the host application.
 class HostApplicationComponentManager
-  # Dynamically generate methods that return look up a component by name.
+  # Dynamically generate methods that look up a component by name.
   # Usage: HostApplicationComponentManager.page_manager -> Return the bean
   # named "pageManager".
   # Add to this list to expose other components
-  %w(page_manager space_manager permission_manager view_renderer space_logo_manager).each do |meth|
+  %w(page_manager space_manager permission_manager view_renderer).each do |meth|
     (class << self; self; end).instance_eval do
       define_method meth do |*args|