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Scala Example Plugin

This is an example Alassian plugin written in Scala.

The plugin contains examples of different Confluence plugin module types:

  • Servlet
  • REST resources and serialization of Scala case classes using Jackson
  • Confluence Macro
  • XWork Action

Example macro Example macro

In addition to implementation examples this project is set up to properly build and compile the Scala classes, run Scala based tests and shows different ways of bundling the Scala runtime library.

This plugin is for demonstration purposes. Hence it is incomplete and not production ready.


During development the following commands can be used to start the host application and to install/update the plugin (See the Plugin SDK Documentation for further information):

Start the host application in debug mode:


Start the shell (run <tt>pi</tt> in the shell to install/update the plugin, alternatively enable the FastDev plugin and do a hard reload (CMD+Shift+R on Mac) to automatically package and install the updated plugin).


The maven-scala-plugin defines a set of goals that are valuable during development.

To compile the main and test scala source directory in continuously, run:

mvn scala:cc

To start the Scala REPL/console with all classes of the project (and its dependencies) available, run:

mvn scala:console -Pdev


Adding the Scala runtime library to a plugin by simply embedding it in its entirety adds around 8MB to the size of the plugin.

Depending on the use case this can be acceptable but it is preferable to keep the size of the final plugin jar down.

There are a couple of options to achieve this.

Deploy the Scala runtime library separately

A Scala runtime library with a proper OSGi manifest can be deployed into the plugin container of the application.

The plugin itself simply imports the proper packages and does not need to bundle the library itself:


For Scala 2.8 and 2.9 the following plugins available from bundle the Scala runtime for consumption by other plugins:

Shrink the size of the bundled library using ProGuard

Another option is to shrink the library by removing unused code using a tool like ProGuard.

This example project contains a ProGuard configuration file and a Maven profile that shrinks the size of the final plugin from around 8.7MB to ~ 700KB.


mvn clean package -Dproduction

To create the plugin with the required Scala library class files embedded.

Deployment options at a glance

The three different deployment options are demonstrated in this plugin by using different profiles:

Include the full <tt>scala-library</tt> dependency in the plugin:

mvn package -Pbundle

Include a shrinked <tt>scala-library</tt> dependency in the plugin

mvn package -Pproduction

Depend on the <tt>scala-library</tt> being deployed as a separate plugin (e.g. using the (Scala provider plugin)[]

mvn package

mvn package -Pdefault