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-Implementing git clone in Haskell
+## Implementing git clone in Haskell
+Source code for the [git clone in Haskell from the bottom up]( article.
-    cabal clean
-    cabal configure --enable-executable-profiling
-    cabal build
+## Build
+To build the binary run
-    cabal clean
-    cabal configure --enable-tests
+    cabal configure
     cabal build
-    cabal test
+If any of the dependencies are missing run:
+    cabal install --only-dependencies
+To copy it into the cabal bin directory that should be in the $PATH, run
+    cabal copy
+There is a simple Rakefile that can be used to build the binary and to run the test suite:
+    [4832] λ > rake -T
+    rake build     # Build the hgit binary
+    rake clean     # Clean artifacts
+    rake deps      # Install required dependencies
+    rake dev:tags  # Generate a ctags file
+    rake test      # Run the tests