Stefan Saasen committed 0251fd4

Activity: allow a remote to be defined as an argument. Defaults to 'origin'

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 function usage() {
     echo ""
-    echo "git activity"
+    echo "git activity [REMOTE]"
     echo ""
     echo "  See 'man git-activity' for further information"
 # Use newline as a field separator
 IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b")
 # -r flag (for reverse output)
 TAC=$(which tac || echo 'tail -r')
-for line in $(git for-each-ref ${GIT_OPTS} refs/remotes --format="%(authordate:relative)|%(objectname:short)|%(authorname)|%(refname:short)|%(subject)" --sort="-authordate"); do
+for line in $(git for-each-ref ${GIT_OPTS} refs/remotes/${REMOTE} --format="%(authordate:relative)|%(objectname:short)|%(authorname)|%(refname:short)|%(subject)" --sort="-authordate"); do
     fields=(`echo $line | tr "|" "\n"`)
     printf "${date_format}%15s${reset} ${commit_id_format}%s${reset} - ${author_format}[%s]${reset} (${ref_name_format}%s${reset}): %s\n" ${fields[*]}
 done | eval $TAC # reverse sort the output to show the newest entry last
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