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git pastiche

A few git things.


In order to use the git-pastiche scripts as new subcommands with git, they need to be available in your PATH.

Option 1

Add the git-pastiche directory to your PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:~/git-pastiche/bin

The additional git commands can be used like any other git command.

E.g. to show the incoming changes use:

git incoming

To show the outgoing changes:

git outgoing

Option 2

Use the Makefile to copy the scripts to your /usr/local/bin directory. This will also copy the man pages to the appropriate directories on your system.

make install

To remove the scripts and man pages run uninstall:

make uninstall


  • git incoming -> Show incoming changes (will fetch changes from the remote)
  • git outgoing -> Show the changes about to be pushed to the remote
  • git filesize-history -> Show the filesize history of a single file in the repository
  • git find-blob -> Given a blob id (SHA1), list the commits that contain the blob
  • git sync-local-tags -> Delete local tags that don't exist in the remote anymore
  • git activity -> Show activity on all refs/branches