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File Documentation/user-manual.txt

 The reflogs are kept by default for 30 days, after which they may be
-pruned.  See gitlink:git-reflink[1] and gitlink:git-gc[1] to learn
+pruned.  See gitlink:git-reflog[1] and gitlink:git-gc[1] to learn
 how to control this pruning, and see the "SPECIFYING REVISIONS"
 section of gitlink:git-rev-parse[1] for details.
 If you just have a few changes, the simplest way to submit them may
 just be to send them as patches in email:
-First, use gitlink:git-format-patches[1]; for example:
+First, use gitlink:git-format-patch[1]; for example:
 $ git format-patch origin