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* maint:
GIT v1.5.1.3
send-email documentation: clarify --smtp-server
git.7: Mention preformatted html doc location
Clarify SubmittingPatches Checklist
git-svn: Add 'find-rev' command
Fix symlink handling in git-svn, related to PerlIO

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File Documentation/RelNotes-

-GIT v1.5.1.3 Release Notes (draft)
+GIT v1.5.1.3 Release Notes
 Fixes since v1.5.1.2
   - git-svn inconsistently stripped away username from the URL
     only when svnsync_props was in use.
+  - git-svn got confused when handling symlinks on Mac OS.
   - git-send-email was not quoting recipient names that have
     period '.' in them.  Also it did not allow overriding
     envelope sender, which made it impossible to send patches to
     packfiles incorrectly closed the fd that was still being
     used to read the pack.
-exec >/var/tmp/1
-echo O=`git describe refs/heads/maint`
-git shortlog --no-merges $O..refs/heads/maint
+  - import-tars contributed front-end for fastimport was passing
+    wrong directory modes without checking.
+  - git-fastimport trusted its input too much and allowed to
+    create corrupt tree objects with entries without a name.
+  - git-fetch needlessly barfed when too long reflog action
+    description was given by the caller.
+Also contains various documentation updates.

File Documentation/SubmittingPatches

 Checklist (and a short version for the impatient):
+	Commits:
 	- make commits of logical units
 	- check for unnecessary whitespace with "git diff --check"
 	  before committing
 	  commit message (or just use the option "-s" when
 	  committing) to confirm that you agree to the Developer's
 	  Certificate of Origin
-	- do not PGP sign your patch
+	Patch:
 	- use "git format-patch -M" to create the patch
+	- send your patch to <>. If you use
+	  git-send-email(1), please test it first by sending
+	  email to yourself.
+	- do not PGP sign your patch
 	- do not attach your patch, but read in the mail
 	  body, unless you cannot teach your mailer to
 	  leave the formatting of the patch alone.

File Documentation/git-send-email.txt

 	Specify the contents of the first In-Reply-To header.
-	Subsequent emails will refer to the previous email 
+	Subsequent emails will refer to the previous email
 	instead of this if --chain-reply-to is set (the default)
 	Only necessary if --compose is also set.  If --compose
 	is not set, this will be prompted for.
 	all that is output.
-	If set, specifies the outgoing SMTP server to use.  A full
-	pathname of a sendmail-like program can be specified instead;
+	If set, specifies the outgoing SMTP server to use (e.g.
+	`` or a raw IP address).  Alternatively it can
+	specify a full pathname of a sendmail-like program instead;
 	the program must support the `-i` option.  Default value can
 	be specified by the 'sendemail.smtpserver' configuration
 	option; the built-in default is `/usr/sbin/sendmail` or

File Documentation/git-svn.txt

 	When given an SVN revision number of the form 'rN', returns the
-	corresponding git commit hash.  When given a tree-ish, returns the
-	corresponding SVN revision number.
+	corresponding git commit hash (this can optionally be followed by a
+	tree-ish to specify which branch should be searched).  When given a
+	tree-ish, returns the corresponding SVN revision number.
 	You should consider using 'dcommit' instead of this command.

File Documentation/git.txt

 The COMMAND is either a name of a Git command (see below) or an alias
 as defined in the configuration file (see gitlink:git-config[1]).
+Formatted and hyperlinked version of the latest git
+documentation can be viewed at



File git-svn.perl

 	my $revision_or_hash = shift;
 	my $result;
 	if ($revision_or_hash =~ /^r\d+$/) {
-		my $desired_revision = substr($revision_or_hash, 1);
-		my ($fh, $ctx) = command_output_pipe('rev-list', 'HEAD');
-		while (my $hash = <$fh>) {
-			chomp($hash);
-			my (undef, $rev, undef) = cmt_metadata($hash);
-			if ($rev && $rev eq $desired_revision) {
-				$result = $hash;
-				last;
-			}
+		my $head = shift;
+		$head ||= 'HEAD';
+		my @refs;
+		my (undef, undef, undef, $gs) = working_head_info($head, \@refs);
+		unless ($gs) {
+			die "Unable to determine upstream SVN information from ",
+			    "$head history\n";
-		command_close_pipe($fh, $ctx);
+		my $desired_revision = substr($revision_or_hash, 1);
+		$result = $gs->rev_db_get($desired_revision);
 	} else {
 		my (undef, $rev, undef) = cmt_metadata($revision_or_hash);
 		$result = $rev;
 		my $got = $md5->hexdigest;
 		die "Checksum mismatch: $path\n",
 		    "expected: $exp\n    got: $got\n" if ($got ne $exp);
-		seek($fh, 0, 0) or croak $!;
+		sysseek($fh, 0, 0) or croak $!;
 		if ($fb->{mode_b} == 120000) {
-			read($fh, my $buf, 5) == 5 or croak $!;
+			sysread($fh, my $buf, 5) == 5 or croak $!;
 			$buf eq 'link ' or die "$path has mode 120000",
 			                       "but is not a link\n";