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* git://
gitk: show_error fix
[PATCH] gitk: start-up bugfix
[PATCH] gitk: Replace "git-" commands with "git "
[PATCH] gitk: Display commit messages with word wrap
gitk: Fix bug where page-up/down wouldn't always work properly
gitk: Fix display of "(...)" for parents/children we haven't drawn

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 	set order "--date-order"
     if {[catch {
-	set fd [open [concat | git-rev-list --header $order \
+	set fd [open [concat | git rev-list --header $order \
 			  --parents --boundary --default HEAD $args] r]
     } err]} {
-	puts stderr "Error executing git-rev-list: $err"
+	puts stderr "Error executing git rev-list: $err"
 	exit 1
     set commfd($view) $fd
 	    if {[string range $err 0 4] == "usage"} {
 		set err "Gitk: error reading commits$fv:\
-			bad arguments to git-rev-list."
+			bad arguments to git rev-list."
 		if {$viewname($view) eq "Command line"} {
 		    append err \
-			"  (Note: arguments to gitk are passed to git-rev-list\
+			"  (Note: arguments to gitk are passed to git rev-list\
 			 to allow selection of commits to be displayed.)"
 	    } else {
 	    if {[string length $shortcmit] > 80} {
 		set shortcmit "[string range $shortcmit 0 80]..."
-	    error_popup "Can't parse git-rev-list output: {$shortcmit}"
+	    error_popup "Can't parse git rev-list output: {$shortcmit}"
 	    exit 1
 	set id [lindex $ids 0]
 proc readcommit {id} {
-    if {[catch {set contents [exec git-cat-file commit $id]}]} return
+    if {[catch {set contents [exec git cat-file commit $id]}]} return
     parsecommit $id $contents 0
 	set headline $comment
     if {!$listed} {
-	# git-rev-list indents the comment by 4 spaces;
-	# if we got this via git-cat-file, add the indentation
+	# git rev-list indents the comment by 4 spaces;
+	# if we got this via git cat-file, add the indentation
 	set newcomment {}
 	foreach line [split $comment "\n"] {
 	    append newcomment "    "
 	    set type {}
 	    set tag {}
 	    catch {
-		set commit [exec git-rev-parse "$id^0"]
+		set commit [exec git rev-parse "$id^0"]
 		if {"$commit" != "$id"} {
 		    set tagids($name) $commit
 		    lappend idtags($commit) $name
 	    catch {
-	        set tagcontents($name) [exec git-cat-file tag "$id"]
+	        set tagcontents($name) [exec git cat-file tag "$id"]
 	} elseif { $type == "heads" } {
 	    set headids($name) $id
     close $refd
-proc show_error {w msg} {
+proc show_error {w top msg} {
     message $w.m -text $msg -justify center -aspect 400
     pack $w.m -side top -fill x -padx 20 -pady 20
-    button $w.ok -text OK -command "destroy $w"
+    button $w.ok -text OK -command "destroy $top"
     pack $w.ok -side bottom -fill x
-    bind $w <Visibility> "grab $w; focus $w"
-    bind $w <Key-Return> "destroy $w"
-    tkwait window $w
+    bind $top <Visibility> "grab $top; focus $top"
+    bind $top <Key-Return> "destroy $top"
+    tkwait window $top
 proc error_popup msg {
     set w .error
     toplevel $w
     wm transient $w .
-    show_error $w $msg
+    show_error $w $w $msg
 proc makewindow {} {
     global findtype findtypemenu findloc findstring fstring geometry
     global entries sha1entry sha1string sha1but
     global maincursor textcursor curtextcursor
-    global rowctxmenu mergemax
+    global rowctxmenu mergemax wrapcomment
     menu .bar
     .bar add cascade -label "File" -menu .bar.file
     pack $ctext -side left -fill both -expand 1
     .ctop.cdet add .ctop.cdet.left
+    $ctext tag conf comment -wrap $wrapcomment
     $ctext tag conf filesep -font [concat $textfont bold] -back "#aaaaaa"
     $ctext tag conf hunksep -fore blue
     $ctext tag conf d0 -fore red
     global stuffsaved findmergefiles maxgraphpct
     global maxwidth
     global viewname viewfiles viewargs viewperm nextviewnum
-    global cmitmode
+    global cmitmode wrapcomment
     if {$stuffsaved} return
     if {![winfo viewable .]} return
 	puts $f [list set maxgraphpct $maxgraphpct]
 	puts $f [list set maxwidth $maxwidth]
 	puts $f [list set cmitmode $cmitmode]
+	puts $f [list set wrapcomment $wrapcomment]
 	puts $f "set geometry(width) [winfo width .ctop]"
 	puts $f "set geometry(height) [winfo height .ctop]"
 	puts $f "set geometry(canv1) [expr {[winfo width $canv]-2}]"
     checkbutton $top.perm -text "Remember this view" -variable newviewperm($n)
     grid $top.perm - -pady 5 -sticky w
     message $ -aspect 1000 -font $uifont \
-	-text "Commits to include (arguments to git-rev-list):"
+	-text "Commits to include (arguments to git rev-list):"
     grid $ - -sticky w -pady 5
     entry $top.args -width 50 -textvariable newviewargs($n) \
 	-background white
     if {[catch {
-	set f [open [list | git-diff-tree --stdin -s -r -S$findstring \
+	set f [open [list | git diff-tree --stdin -s -r -S$findstring \
 			 << $inputids] r]
     } err]} {
 	error_popup "Error starting search process: $err"
     if {![regexp {^[0-9a-f]{40}} $line id]} {
-	error_popup "Can't parse git-diff-tree output: $line"
+	error_popup "Can't parse git diff-tree output: $line"
 	if {$l == $findstartline} break
-    # start off a git-diff-tree process if needed
+    # start off a git diff-tree process if needed
     if {$diffsneeded ne {}} {
 	if {[catch {
-	    set df [open [list | git-diff-tree -r --stdin << $diffsneeded] r]
+	    set df [open [list | git diff-tree -r --stdin << $diffsneeded] r]
 	} err ]} {
 	    error_popup "Error starting search process: $err"
 	    if {[catch {close $df} err]} {
-		error_popup "Error in git-diff-tree: $err"
+		error_popup "Error in git diff-tree: $err"
 	    } elseif {[info exists findid]} {
 		set id $findid
     if {[info exists fdiffid]} {
 	while {[lindex $fdiffsneeded $fdiffpos] ne $fdiffid
 	       && $fdiffpos < [llength $fdiffsneeded]} {
-	    # git-diff-tree doesn't output anything for a commit
+	    # git diff-tree doesn't output anything for a commit
 	    # which doesn't change anything
 	    set nullid [lindex $fdiffsneeded $fdiffpos]
 	    set treediffs($nullid) {}
 proc commit_descriptor {p} {
     global commitinfo
+    if {![info exists commitinfo($p)]} {
+	getcommit $p
+    }
     set l "..."
-    if {[info exists commitinfo($p)]} {
+    if {[llength $commitinfo($p)] > 1} {
 	set l [lindex $commitinfo($p) 0]
     return "$p ($l)"
 # append some text to the ctext widget, and make any SHA1 ID
 # that we know about be a clickable link.
-proc appendwithlinks {text} {
+proc appendwithlinks {text tags} {
     global ctext commitrow linknum curview
     set start [$ctext index "end - 1c"]
-    $ctext insert end $text
+    $ctext insert end $text $tags
     $ctext insert end "\n"
     set links [regexp -indices -all -inline {[0-9a-f]{40}} $text]
     foreach l $links {
 	$ctext insert end "\n"
-    set comment {}
+    set headers {}
     set olds [lindex $parentlist $l]
     if {[llength $olds] > 1} {
 	set np 0
 		set tag m$np
 	    $ctext insert end "Parent: " $tag
-	    appendwithlinks [commit_descriptor $p]
+	    appendwithlinks [commit_descriptor $p] {}
 	    incr np
     } else {
 	foreach p $olds {
-	    append comment "Parent: [commit_descriptor $p]\n"
+	    append headers "Parent: [commit_descriptor $p]\n"
     foreach c [lindex $childlist $l] {
-	append comment "Child:  [commit_descriptor $c]\n"
+	append headers "Child:  [commit_descriptor $c]\n"
-    append comment "\n"
-    append comment [lindex $info 5]
     # make anything that looks like a SHA1 ID be a clickable link
-    appendwithlinks $comment
+    appendwithlinks $headers {}
+    appendwithlinks [lindex $info 5] {comment}
     $ctext tag delete Comments
     $ctext tag remove found 1.0 end
 	set lpp 1
     allcanvs yview scroll [expr {$dir * $lpp}] units
+    drawvisible
     if {![info exists selectedline]} return
     set l [expr {$selectedline + $dir * $lpp}]
     if {$l < 0} {
     catch {unset diffmergeid}
     if {![info exists treefilelist($id)]} {
 	if {![info exists treepending]} {
-	    if {[catch {set gtf [open [concat | git-ls-tree -r $id] r]}]} {
+	    if {[catch {set gtf [open [concat | git ls-tree -r $id] r]}]} {
 	    set treepending $id
     set blob [lindex $treeidlist($diffids) $i]
-    if {[catch {set bf [open [concat | git-cat-file blob $blob] r]} err]} {
+    if {[catch {set bf [open [concat | git cat-file blob $blob] r]} err]} {
 	puts "oops, error reading blob $blob: $err"
     set diffids $id
     # this doesn't seem to actually affect anything...
     set env(GIT_DIFF_OPTS) $diffopts
-    set cmd [concat | git-diff-tree --no-commit-id --cc $id]
+    set cmd [concat | git diff-tree --no-commit-id --cc $id]
     if {[catch {set mdf [open $cmd r]} err]} {
 	error_popup "Error getting merge diffs: $err"
     set treepending $ids
     set treediff {}
     if {[catch \
-	 {set gdtf [open [concat | git-diff-tree --no-commit-id -r $ids] r]} \
+	 {set gdtf [open [concat | git diff-tree --no-commit-id -r $ids] r]} \
 	]} return
     fconfigure $gdtf -blocking 0
     fileevent $gdtf readable [list gettreediffline $gdtf $ids]
     global nextupdate diffinhdr treediffs
     set env(GIT_DIFF_OPTS) $diffopts
-    set cmd [concat | git-diff-tree --no-commit-id -r -p -C $ids]
+    set cmd [concat | git diff-tree --no-commit-id -r -p -C $ids]
     if {[catch {set bdf [open $cmd r]} err]} {
 	puts "error getting diffs: $err"
     set oldid [$patchtop.fromsha1 get]
     set newid [$patchtop.tosha1 get]
     set fname [$patchtop.fname get]
-    if {[catch {exec git-diff-tree -p $oldid $newid >$fname &} err]} {
+    if {[catch {exec git diff-tree -p $oldid $newid >$fname &} err]} {
 	error_popup "Error creating patch: $err"
     catch {destroy $patchtop}
     } else {
 	set text "Tag: $tag\nId:  $tagids($tag)"
-    appendwithlinks $text
+    appendwithlinks $text {}
     $ctext conf -state disabled
     init_flist {}
 # defaults...
 set datemode 0
 set diffopts "-U 5 -p"
-set wrcomcmd "git-diff-tree --stdin -p --pretty"
+set wrcomcmd "git diff-tree --stdin -p --pretty"
 set gitencoding {}
 catch {
-    set gitencoding [exec git-repo-config --get i18n.commitencoding]
+    set gitencoding [exec git repo-config --get i18n.commitencoding]
 if {$gitencoding == ""} {
     set gitencoding "utf-8"
 set mingaplen 30
 set flistmode "flat"
 set cmitmode "patch"
+set wrapcomment "none"
 set colors {green red blue magenta darkgrey brown orange}
 # check that we can find a .git directory somewhere...
 set gitdir [gitdir]
 if {![file isdirectory $gitdir]} {
-    show_error . "Cannot find the git directory \"$gitdir\"."
+    show_error {} . "Cannot find the git directory \"$gitdir\"."
     exit 1
     set revtreeargs [lrange $revtreeargs 0 [expr {$i - 1}]]
 } elseif {$revtreeargs ne {}} {
     if {[catch {
-	set f [eval exec git-rev-parse --no-revs --no-flags $revtreeargs]
+	set f [eval exec git rev-parse --no-revs --no-flags $revtreeargs]
 	set cmdline_files [split $f "\n"]
 	set n [llength $cmdline_files]
 	set revtreeargs [lrange $revtreeargs 0 end-$n]
 	# so look for "fatal:".
 	set i [string first "fatal:" $err]
 	if {$i > 0} {
-	    set err [string range [expr {$i + 6}] end]
+	    set err [string range $err [expr {$i + 6}] end]
-	show_error . "Bad arguments to gitk:\n$err"
+	show_error {} . "Bad arguments to gitk:\n$err"
 	exit 1
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